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At the heart of prayer is our unwavering conviction that God is good. And the Bible makes it clear that there are things we are not meant to carry when it says in Philippians 4; 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Then it goes on to tell us the result of these prayers; 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. It is our privilege as a Church to stand with you and see the salvation of God in these areas of your life.

Praying for complete healing from motor neuron disease. We serve a mighty God.

I Prayed for this Today21

Praying for Jocelyn who is suffering from high blood pressure, financial blessings and visa approval so she can be reunited with her husband. 

I Prayed for this Today5

Praying for complete healing for Glenys who had a stroke. Believing that her recovery will be quick and please keep her family in your prayers as well.

I Prayed for this Today9

Praying for Samuel's parents who is travelling to Perth. Please pray for his mothers health, she had an asthma attach. Trusting that God will keep them safe on their journey and heal his mother completely.

I Prayed for this Today5

Praying for a full time job for John and his wives visa.

I Prayed for this Today7

Trusting that God will open doors for job opportunities, a scholarship and finances to attend a conference in July.

I Prayed for this Today6

Please keep Tony in your prayers, he is having anxiety attacks, shallow breathing and pray for his salvation.

I Prayed for this Today4

Praying for Li's mum, who has been going through health issues. Praying for complete healing over their bodies and souls. Believing that Father will grant them good health, salvation and peace.

I Prayed for this Today6

Praying for complete healing for Wachira who has been convulsing and has high fever. Also praying for his salvation.

I Prayed for this Today5

Praying for a healthy and fill term pregnancy. 

I Prayed for this Today4

Please pray for Mark who has an ear infection, but this has also affected his hearing in the ear. Trusting that Father will heal him completely and that his recovery will be quick.

I Prayed for this Today4

Please pray for God's divine healing and provision over Craig who is in urgent need of a lung transplant as his own lungs are functioning only at 20%. 

I Prayed for this Today1