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Full Name: Yoyin Onasanya

Position Sought: Brand management, Administration, Customer Service



Curtin University, Perth, Australia

2011- 2013 MSc MARKETING
University of West England, Bristol, UK

2006- 2009 LLB Law
University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK



CRISSAM - Nigeria
• Assisted in the improvement of SEO and site visibility for client companies which led to an increase of 15% traffic
• Communicated with suppliers, clients and customers on a daily basis
• Involved with power point presentations and pitches
• Managed and updated company data information

Aneeks (Online clothing website) - UK
Admin & Sales
• Created and implemented marketing plan to sell bodysuits to discount deal websites such as Groupon
• Co-ordinated PR marketing plan, which included providing jewellery items to online opinion leaders such as bloggers, in order to publicise items on website.
• Successfully expanded and marketed UK business to other countries, which led to deals with Groupon Australia, New Zealand, France and Dubai
• Managed customer relationship with brand by setting up an online forum where customer queries and concerns were met and resolved.

ECOTEC Research and Consulting - UK
• Daily use of CATI software to carry out marketing research surveys on the public, on behalf of different organisations and the government; finding out their perception on services rendered or stipulated.
• Made thousands of phone calls to individual beneficiaries of government schemes, to assess its impact on them.
• Conducted interviews with members of the public and small business owners, to assess their views of products or services used.
• Tactical and perceptive use of questioning to probe fully, customers’ true feelings on open and sensitive questions.

University of Birmingham, Accommodation House- UK
Summer Receptionist & Customer service representative
• Answer customer telephone calls regarding bookings and current residence.
• Make requested policy and account changes.
• Responded to questions and concerns about service, and escalated calls appropriately.
• Consulted with residents to evaluate their needs and wants and determine the best options.
• Upgraded services and offered additional service packages and other options.
• Consistently improved customer satisfaction through expert resolution of issues, concerns and conflicts.


Mobile: 0477952468


Full Name: Jacia Reynell Hopton

Position Sought: Willing to learn/try anything


Finished year 12 in 2011.
Police certificate
Life experience


- Nanny/Babysitter
- Farm hand
- Cleaning
- Hospitality
- Retail

Contact Details: 0448654008



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