We are a group of Life City Church men who have been meeting for breakfast on alternate Saturdays since 2001, learning to be better husbands and fathers in our respective families.

We are committed to building a community of men, strong in Christian values, in order to bless our families and the community at large. We need the support of fellow Christian brothers to achieve our goal.
The regular fellowship has helped us to build the bond of friendship. By coming together regularly, God has honoured our diligence and our families are blessed as a result.


What We Believe

There are so many negative forces at play in the world today. It is increasingly difficult to find Christian values in the society in which we live.

Our Vision Statement

"We commit to build a community of men across generations who are strong in Christian values who will bless their families and the wider community".

Even Christians can easily be influenced by worldly values. God calls us to be transformed rather than be conformed to the world. Have we been able to make a difference to the community we belong to? Have we lost our saltiness? Yet we know the world is doomed because of sin and desperately in need of help to get back to God. How can we help them? Do we offer them an alternative lifestyle, one that is founded on Christian principles, that gives them hope?

We know this is not an easy task, and certainly not possible with human effort. But God so loves this world that He gave His only son so that whoever believes in Him won’t perish but have eternal life. God needs us who have received His grace to reach out to the world, to bring hope to the world. The Holy Spirit will help us to fulfill this commission.


When Do We Meet?

Are you committed to bringing blessings to your family and the community? We meet monthly on Saturday mornings from 8.00 - 10.00 am. We want to learn how to be priests in our homes. We will share the topics that are designed to help us get back to that right relationship with God and our family.

Through coming together regularly, we will be able to build a community of Christian men committed to live out a different lifestyle. Imagine the blessing we can together bring not only to our families, but also to the community at large. Many men in the community are looking at how to be good fathers and husbands. EVERYMAN could be the answer to their prayer.


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