World Changers at Life City Church believe that God has saved us for a purpose. We have been co-missioned by God to work with Him to “Make Life Better”. This purpose and co-mission expresses itself in many and varied forms as we have a variety of people in our congregation, as we Inspire people to action...

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Sri Lanka

Narel and Alison Atkinson run the HelpKids school for the underpriveleged children of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and the Home of Hope temporary Residential Unit in Ja Ela.



HelpKids exists not just as a safe and educational preschool, but as a centre that provides the building blocks for children to dream again, and the foundation they need to achieve their dreams. Children not only access a quality education, good nutrition but life skills and valuable support from counsellors. HelpKids works not just see children reach their full potential, but to strengthen families and whole communities as well.


Narel and Alison also run the Home of Hope providing a safe home for up to 24 children and teens who come from difficult situations. While the children have a safe and happy environemt to live and continue their schooling, Narel and Alison work with local welfare agencies to place the children back with their families, when it is safe to do so.


If that is not enough, on the east coast of Sri Lanka they are running community development programs to support abandoned and widowed women .  Seeds for LifeChickens for Life. They provide seed and chickens to sell and eat, in order to help the widows to pull themselves from the depths of poverty.   


Lights for Bikes - A major cause of death in Sri Lanka is people being knocked off their bicycles in the night.  So Narel and Alison are fundraising to purchase lights for bikes in order to save lives.


Manila Philippines


Life City Church is supporting the planting of Favor Church in Manila, Philippines.  

James and Kate Aiton have moved with their two young daughters to Maila permanently to plant the church there.  James grew up in Manila. His father was an ACC missionary to the Philippines when he was born. So now it is James' turn to carry the mantle. He does not view himself as a missionary but as an accredited ACC pastor working in the Philippines.


James and Kate run a vibrant contemporary church in the heart of Manila attracting people from all walks of life and layers of community. Kate leads the worship and James preaches the word.  Both are excellent, as good as you would find anywhere.  The Aitons have a heart for the people of the Philippines and we are confident that they will grow a substantial church.


Prior to going to Manila James was the Executive pastor at Kingdom City Church in Perth and he ran Youth Alive in WA before that.


In Thailand we are working with Mercy International. We have built a High School in Phetchabun, and have just completed a Primary School in Phrae. We sponsor children and regularly send teams to work with the staff and volunteers there.


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Paul and Deb Hilton work through Australian Christian Churches with their community in various ways. Clean water, help for the needy, building programs, they run Shine program for girls in high schools.


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Christ For All Children

Ivan and Jane Mills have been working in childrens ministry for many many years.

Although they are based in Perth WA, their ministry is conducted all over the world, places like India, Sri Lanka, Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia Philippines and more...  African countries like Uganda where I caught up with them, not to forget Mongolia, and many more nations.  

Ivan and Jane are now teachers of teachers.  Their speciality is working where noone else can or will go. They are able to teach teachers using only the tools available to teachers in remote villages and regions.



We are working with Dream Centre Perth to make life better for the homeless. Dream Centre "Walk the Beat" in the city and Northbridge looking to help the Homeless by giving the hygiene packs, food vouchers, and sometimes even swags.  They help provide emergency accomodation, clothing and food.  The desire of their heart is to "Love Loud, this city".


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We support two centers run by Transform Cambodia in Phnom Penh. The Hope Center and The Better Life Centre.

Transform Cambodia take in the poorest children out of the slums and from working on the dumps.  They feed and educate them. The children are given hope and a future.  They are being trained to be tomorrows leaders of Cambodia.


A group of men at Life City Church meet regularly on a Saturday morning to do the practical work of maintenance and gardening for people in the community that are not able to cope with this kind of work, either through family breakdown, death or sickness. This is a practical way to express their Co-mission with God to Make Life Better.


For more information visit the Everyman area


All Chaplains aim to provide a sensitive Christian presence within a secular state school system. School chaplains work with students, families and staff in the school community to encourage an understanding of the range of human experience. Life City Church support and work with the chaplains in our local schools.


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Alta-1 operates a school that provides an alternative education programme for young people between the ages of 15 and 19 years. The programme enables young people who are not suited to mainstream schooling to complete secondary education.

At Alta-1 we provide a learning environment for students who have struggled to fit anywhere else. We work hard at helping our students build real and healthy relationships with their teachers, mentors and peers. Whilst we work hard to grow the academic skills within our students, we spend as much time exploring the development of emotional and spiritual tools and skills that we all need to navigate all that life throws at us.

One of the Alta-1 campuses operates out of Life City Church. For more information visit


Families who find it hard to  make ends meet. Life City Church is able to make some relief by providing a food hamper.


Pastor Chef is a group of volunteers from Life City Church who have got together to provide a service for families who are going through trying times. These volunteers will provide meals for the families so that the family has one less thing to think about