Our Core Values


Reverence of God

We see a Church that is deeply committed to prayer and prophetic intercession because it understands the influence of the spiritual over the physical and that the transformation of a person's life is a miracle only God can do. We are committed to having a deep love for God our Father, Jesus Christ our Lord and the Holy Spirit our Helper. This reverence is expressed in our devotion to prayer, worship and our obedience to God's word.

Revive the Church

We see our Church as a body of individually gifted believers all serving together in loving unity, with a total reliance on the Holy Spirit under the Lordship Of Christ. We believe that it is the intention of Jesus for His Church to be continually refreshed and revived by the Holy Spirit so that supernatural expressions of his life might flow from within us. Therefore we are committed to the ministry of God's Spirit in our lives and the lives of others.

Empowerment of the People

We see our Church having an extensive network of ministries set up for the specific purpose of helping the hurting to wholeness through the message and power of Christ, who alone can heal the brokenhearted. We see this church raising up and sending out a new breed of church leaders who are skillful in spirit and in word, and who can lead God's people into the future with Prophetic insight. We are committed to training, teaching and releasing believers to do the work of the ministry according to Ephesians 4:11-15.

Evangelism of the Lost

We see a church that is so overtaken with a desire to reach the lost and expand God's kingdom on earth that small minded selfishness has given way to big hearted sacrifice. we are committed to moving beyond the four walls of our church building into our neighbourhood, city, nation and beyond to proclaim and demonstrate the salvation of God.

Life in Groups

The church we see is so large in size it impacts the city and beyond with its influence and yet every member is nurtured and cared for through an ever increasing number of small groups. We are created to function best when we leave isolation and move into a loving community of God's people. It is in small groups (or cells) that we can learn how to: support each other, receive and give God's grace and love to each other, discover the joy and excitement of actively sharing our faith with others. Life City Church is a cell based church which means that cells groups are the primary way in which the following takes place: evangelism, care, discipleship, Ministry.

Loving our Community

We see every person who is drawn to our church being warmly accepted, regardless of the colour of their skin or darkness of their past because every person is a precious eternal soul that Christ died to redeem. We are committed to loving, serving and supporting our community.