Harvest Net


Harvest Net is a network of churches which plant churches that in turn plant other churches. All the churches within the network share their resources to achieve this common goal. The vision to establish Harvest Net was born out of a belief in the heart of Pastor David Storer that church planting remains the most effective way to impact communities with the Gospel of the Kingdom.


Planting churches, changing communities


Harvest Net was established out of Life City Church in 2004 and now consists of eight churches in the network with an approximate total of 6000 people attending.

Nations Church - Pastors Ken & Chrissy Lee

Centrepoint Church - Pastors Joel & Sharon Chelliah


Heart for the City - Pastors Dan & Tracey Sheikh


Freedom City Church - Pastors Andrew & Megan Norman


Urban Church - Pastors Steve & Allyson Cawthorn


Lift Church - Pastors Nathaniel and Rebecca Phor


Life Chapel - Pastors John & Sarah Mezbourian