Letter to the Life City Church Family


29th May 2018


Dear Life City Church Family,


For over 18 months, Ps David has been speaking with the Life City Church Board and Eldership about the growing sense of awareness in his spirit that the time was approaching for him to step down from the role as Senior Minister.


Over the last two years respected prophetic people have been confirming to Ps David that he has an apostolic calling to the wider body of Christ and Ps David now feels that the time is right for him to step into this next season of ministry and hand over the leadership of our church. However, he is excited to be continuing on the journey in a different role and will be cheering on the incoming leader.


The Board and Eldership are wanting to ensure our mission continues and believe this transition will still allow many of our key ministries to continue whilst maintaining strong visionary leadership to move our church forward into the future.


To establish a process for selecting the incoming leader, the Board set up a Succession Planning Committee which included a member from the Board, a member from the Eldership and the Executive Minister. Ps David was also included in the Committee in an advisory capacity only, he did not participate in any decision making.


The Committee developed specific selection criteria which included key areas and desired aspects for the incoming leader to have and a number of candidates were considered and measured against the criteria. All candidates had a history of attending Life City Church in the past with the majority currently running a campus model church network.


The Board and Eldership realised the landscape of church leadership over the past 20 years has changed. Successful Pastors were no longer leading just one church in one location, but establishing campus style churches in many various locations. And whilst the Senior Pastors of these churches were not looking to leave their current network, they would be supportive of including an established church like ours into their already established network.


Based on the selection criteria, a shortlist of two candidates were identified whom Ps David approached asking a number of questions around their heart, vision and proposal for including Life City Church into their network. Both candidates were eager to keep Ps David involved in the future of our church.


After time was given for the Board and Eldership to review their responses to these questions and individually pray and consider each candidate, a unanimous decision was made to interview just one candidate and spouse. An 8 hour interview was conducted by an Interview Panel consisting of five representatives from the Board and Eldership and Executive Team. The interview comprised of many questions around five key themes including, governance and finance, leadership, transition planning, culture and values, and family in ministry.


The Interview Panel then agreed that the leadership skills, experience, spiritual giftings and positive responses to the various questions indicated that this couple would accelerate our church’s growth and influence in Perth for generations to come.


It was then that the Board and Eldership agreed to propose Mark and Jemima Varughese become our new Senior Leaders.


Ps Mark & Jemima* are currently the Senior Leaders of Kingdomcity which has a global influence through 16 campuses located across 7 countries reaching more than 20,000 people (including 4 thriving campuses in Perth).


Ps Mark grew up in Life City Church (Perth CLC) and this was his spiritual home for 17 years before leaving in 2001.  He now has a proven track record of a further 17 years in leadership and discipleship since he left.


Ps Mark and Ps David currently have a strong, existing relationship and even though there will be cosmetic changes, Ps Mark’s heart aligns with Ps David’s and we believe he will continue to build on the legacy which has been established at Life City Church albeit in a new wineskin.


There are many benefits of being a major base in a global multi-site church in that it will increase our capacity to reach more people by having many campuses in multiple locations across Perth, as well as give us extended family in mission across the nations.  Becoming a multi-site church will also centralise our resources, streamline our efforts, save money and maximise our mission.


The main motive of this proposal is the fulfilment and acceleration of our mandate, to be “A Church that is so large in size it impacts the city and beyond with its influence.” It also allows Ps David to remain a key part of the future because of the nature of what we are becoming a part of.


Executive Minister Ps Dean Caddy has now been appointed as the single conduit for all matters associated with the ongoing selection process including a Transition Timeline (attached below).


Please note we are holding our first Open Information Night on Monday 4th June where we will be going through the transition proposal in further detail. This night will commence at 7pm at Life City Church and finish by 9pm.


To help us to answer any questions you may have in a clear and thorough way, an email address (questions@lifecity.church) has been set up for you to send in your questions throughout this whole process. Your efforts in using this email address will not only provide you with a direct outlet to ask questions but will also more importantly assist us in making the Information Night as informative as possible.


Please note we have currently scheduled a Special General Meeting (for Partners only) on Sunday 15th July at 1pm to ratify acceptance of the proposal.


It is our heart that we move forward as one united body and so we are dedicated to giving time to allow everyone attending our church to process and feel included in the journey we are undertaking.


We thank you for your continued prayers and support during this vitally important season of transition for our church.



God bless,

Board and Eldership of Life City Church



* These contents have been reviewed by Ps Mark & Jemima Varughese