Building Our Future


A huge thank you to everyone who contributed towards Building our Future over the past 12 months. Over $482,000 was given which is 90% of the amount pledged in June last year which is an incredible effort in which we are truly grateful.


Through our partnership with DreamCentre, Elev8 Ministries and Pregnancy Problem House, your giving over the past 12 months has helped the homeless in our city; assisted pregnant women in crisis and provided support and life-skills to those struggling with depression and anxiety. It has also facilitated the relocation of our Church reception area and created the much needed space to expand our Church kitchen facilities. Thank you, your sacrificial giving has Made Life Better for hundreds of families and individuals throughout Perth. 


Our faith goal this year is to raise $500,000 of which $50,000 will go to Empart which is a Christian organisation establishing schools and other Christian services to provide quality care, education and training to thousands of disadvantaged children, families and believers throughout India.


This year, Empart are expanding their services in the state of Varanasi to build a residential school. The $50,000 will go towards the building of the school and provide school equipment and furnishing. This investment will provide holistic care and high quality education for hundreds of children each year.




Our local focus for Building our Future this year is to look back with thankfulness at what God has done by His grace and through his people and to look forward with expectation as our Faith Journey continues.


This year marks 35 years since Life City Church was planted out from Hyde Park Assembly of God. With God’s wisdom and favour Life City over this time has taken significant steps in becoming the church we see in our Dream. From our church beginning in 1982 with around 30 renting a hall in Riverton starting the then Willetton AOG to today with more than 1800 attending each weekend. There are thousands of families and individuals who have been influenced by the ministries over this time at Life City Church.



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We are grateful for everyone, past and present that has given their time, talents and finances sacrificially to help Life City Church be the church we are today.


Our vision to develop a ministry centre in the heart of the community with a heart for the community is beginning to take shape and over the past six years, we have invested more than $5 million to purchase land and begin the building expansion and upgrades to our facilities to see this vision become a reality.


Our faith goal is to raise $450,000 to make a significant impact on our current debt. This will position our church to take further steps to see the ministry centre in the heart of the community with a heart for the community continue to become a reality in the years to come.


It is great to see how every year, Life City Church comes together to give above and beyond towards the Building our Future offering


We rely on God’s wisdom and Grace as we take each step of this faith journey. Lets see God do something that is impossible for one person to achieve, however a miracle we can all play our part in.


Join us on June 24th & 25th as we celebrate together what God has done and unite as one to contribute towards Building our Future.