Our Vision

To be a large and diverse church, passionately dedicated to ‘making life better’ in Perth and our world through the proclamation and demonstration of the salvation of God.


Our Mission

Reaching out to the un-churched in our world with the purpose of making disciples of Christ and equipping them to live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit.


We Have A Dream

We have a dream in which we see the church as a body of individually gifted believers all serving together in loving unity, with a total reliance on the Holy Spirit under the headship of Christ.

This church is so large in size it impacts the city and beyond with its influence and yet every member is nurtured and cared for through an ever increasing number of small groups.

In our dream we see every person who is drawn to this church being warmly accepted, regardless of the colour of their skin or the darkness of their past because every person is a precious eternal soul that Christ died to redeem. 

In our dream we see this church having an extensive network of ministries set up for the specific purpose of helping the hurting to wholeness through the message and power of Christ, who alone can heal the broken hearted.

We see this church raising up and sending out a new breed of church leaders who are skillful in spirit and word and who can lead God's people into the future with prophetic insight.

In our dream we see a church that is deeply committed to prayer and prophetic intercession because it understands the influence of the spiritual over the physical and that the transformation of a person's life is a miracle that God can do. 

The church we see in our dream is so over-taken with a desire to reach the lost and expand God's Kingdom on Earth that small-minded selfishness has given way to big-hearted sacrifice.

By God’s grace, this dream will become a reality at Life City Church.

David Storer - Senior Minister